a human and equine experience

A Labyrinth is an ancient circular winding pathway that has been found in cultures worldwide. It is an all inclusive tool that promotes peace, health and wellness. Different than a maze, the Labyrinth has only one
path to the centre and the same path out.


An Equine Labyrinth can be walked with, or ridden with horses. Horses can help to improve our mindfulness and enhance meditation. Equine Labyrinths can also improve rider & horse balance, concentration, coordination, communication, confidence. It seems to have a calming effect on horse and person and can finetune your connection with your horse. Useful for honing handling and trail riding.

The labyrinth has been used in therapeutic riding settings to support mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health for persons and horses of all ages and abilities.

Butterfly Therapeutic Equine Labyrinth

The Butterfly Therapeutic Equine Labyrinth is a 42 + metre wide, one kilometer long winding path — a moving meditation. It is part of a 14 acre nature-based space, the home farm of Halliday Walsh, where healing work happens. The labyrinth is utilized, with Gratitude and Delight, in the equine-facilitated healing work of the Chiron Medicine Horses. This work helps people to help themselves on their healing journey. People can also bring their own horse to ride and/or lead. A community effort, this labyrinth, designed by Holly Carnegie Letcher, was completed by a group of youth and adults, some who were members of the local Pony Club. The addition of a unique pattern of planted Findhorn Essences, by Dominique Mathieson, add to the beauty and healing.

The Butterfly Equine Labyrinth was originally named The Hummingbird Equine Labyrinth, as during the placement of the Findhorn Gem and Element Essences, a Hummingbird came and hovered in front of every person involved in the process. It became The Butterfly Equine Labyrinth as part of the evolution and growth of the Labyrinth when Halliday felt guided to expand the path to include the two trees that were originally holding the outer edges of the Labyrinth. After consulting, Halliday and Holly worked together to make these changes. The shape of the labyrinth is a modified Cretan design. It continues to evolve and grow

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